Golden Eagle 金鷹鋸片

Golden Eagle爲專業刃具製造商。主要生產圓鋸片、指接刀、角榫刀、捨棄式刀片等木工用刀具。傳承臺灣老師傅多年的製刀經驗,使用進口材質,擁有自主研發團隊,致力於切削技術的鑽研,持續提升品質。研發技術人員,針對使用者所提出的疑難問題進行分析,並提出有效解決方案。專屬的客製化以滿足客戶的需求。我們用最嚴謹的態度把關,使每樣產品都能達到穩定、高性能、高精度要求,創造出完美的刀具,贏得客戶的肯定。

About GoldenEagle

The company is a professional cutting tool manufacturer. It mainly produces woodworking tools such as circular saw blades, finger joint knives, angle boring tools and discarded blades. Inheriting Taiwanese masters' years of experience in making knives, using imported materials, and having an independent research and development team, dedicated to cutting technology research and continuous improvement of quality. Research and development technicians analyze the difficult problems raised by users and propose effective solutions. Exclusive customization to meet the needs of customers. We use the most rigorous attitude to ensure that each product can achieve stable, high performance, high precision requirements, create a perfect tool, and win the customer's affirmation.


Wood Circular Saw Blade

Finger Joint Cutter

Aluminum Circular Saw Blades

HATCHET Wood Circular Saw Blades

Rip Saw / Strobe Saw

Insert Knives

Square Chisel

Straight Router Bit